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Repeat after me: Say no out of love rather than yes out of fear. Gathering that information is important, but at the end of the day you must depend on yourself to synthesize it and make your own informed decisions. One day she was driving us somewhere and asked me to pull her wallet out of her purse; my hand came back smeared in lipstick. And buying what you can't afford, regardless of how well you take care of it, is flat-out disrespectful of yourself.Seeking out opinions is smart; blindly following those opinions without thinking through whether they make sense to you—and for you—will leave you drowning in a pool of powerlessness. Purchasing a home with a crazy mortgage just because you think it is your right to be a homeowner—and then not being able to keep up with the payments—is not being true to your circumstances.Homeownership is part of the American dream — but buying one before you're able can lead to financial disaster.

I began watching how I was using money and how I was feeling when I made money choices.

No more letting the external world define me—I defined me.

And it was only when that happened that I was able to dig out of debt and build the lasting net worth I now have.

It was something that took me years—and a number of painful experiences—to comprehend. Money has no power of its own You alone are the power source.

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You are the one who makes the choices to spend money, to save money, to borrow money.If you have credit card debt and no savings, and you feel miserable, don't attribute your woes to not having enough money; instead see the lessons your money is trying to teach you. I see so many women fail the gatekeeper test when it comes to dealing with loved ones.