Who is kenny santucci dating

17-Nov-2020 17:47

There are people who were expecting to be something more than what they were.I’ll tell you what, and I think this is what a lot of celebrities—and I tell people this, I never think I’m a real celebrity, I’m not fucking Brad Pitt or something, but I’m just saying, you go from this extreme highs and lows. I worked at a shipping yard out in Jersey from the time I was 18 to the time I was like 25, 26. I always had a normal job and eating a huge slice of humble pie coming off television and then cleaning up waste and shit like in Equinox and working as a front desk guy at a gym just to get your reps in, just to be seen. Angelo: When did you know that you wanted to start training and coaching people?I kind of gravitated out of that, because I always saw the reality TV world as a stepping stone into the entertainment world, and it taught me a lot about being on television, just the simple things, just the whole backend, like the production happens, and you have a more thorough understanding of how that all works. It’s so great that you have that perspective, because you see a lot of different literature in things about people that are on reality TV, and they usually don’t end up great after it.Kenny: Yeah, there is a lot of people who let it affect them so negatively.Obviously even today, still today, as much as we know there is still a lot of information that’s skewed and different understandings of what nutrition is and what we should be eating and shouldn’t be eating, the debate between carbs and fats and all these other shit. When you were at that weight, did you—it feels a little bit extreme as far as like your nutrition and all that stuff, did you feel like it was hard to stay at that weight, or did you feel like it was just easy? 160 felt comfortable and I got myself into this routine. Only 15% or 16% of the population have memberships. If 85% of the people aren’t even buying anything you really don’t have any competition. If you are a bargain-based shopper and you want to go somewhere cheaper then go and do that, but there are so many more people I need to talk to, so many more people that need my help.I was like, I’m going to eat salads with chicken for lunch, I’m going to have smoothies for breakfast or eggs for breakfast, and at night I would just eat like tuna out of a can. When I was a kid I used to drink soda and eat [inaudible ] salami and all that shit. Angelo: I’ve heard the name, yes Kenny: Really smart dude, great dude big into the fitness space forever. He told me this crazy new statistic how there is only 15% or 16% of the population in the United States has a gym membership. I’m not worried about the two or three who are looking for a Mc Donalds when there is an awesome steakhouse right next door. You get through high school- at what age did you get on MTV? Kenny: I started in 20004, 2005 I believe, and then I did—I was hosting shows up until like 2012, 2013.

My mom, my sister and my brother-in-law all go to my friend’s gym out in Cowell, New Jersey and they love it there.

I was in the transition period of parlaying into something else. I started to do a lot more commercial work, and signed with a big agency here in New York.

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