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(It’s an even year, after all.) This is getting more and more unlikely by the minute, of course.It’d be impossible to predict how the public — let alone Swift and West’s friends and associates, many of whom have weighed in on Twitter — would react; there’d be a ton of moving parts to coordinate and keep secret; it’s unlikely that Swift would threaten legal action contingent on California’s consent laws just for the sake of maintaining the charade.With that said, this is a feud that’s dependent on how you evaluate the "authenticity" and media savvy of its participants.There’s a telling moment in Swift’s phone call with West where Swift sounds hesitant about the line West is reading out to her.

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West told Swift about part of the line, but didn’t include the "I made that bitch famous" section, and he didn’t play the song for her before its release.

Here’s what we know for sure: West called Swift to earn her consent regarding the line "For all my Southside niggas that know me best / I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex," consent she gave in the taped conversation Kardashian posted on Snapchat.

When the song was officially released in mid-February, the line above ended with the phrase, "I made that bitch famous." A representative for Swift released a statement claiming she had no idea about the "bitch" portion of the lyrics, and that she’d "cautioned him against releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message." West denied Swift’s contention that she was entirely unaware.

Although the last time he publicly spoke out about politics, he ended up in the hospital, it looked like he was ready for round two. Kanye quickly was under fire (and still is) for ​saying slavery was a choice during an appearance on TMZ.

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Kim has tried to defend her husband, but is cautious as she's ​afraid people will think she shares the same beliefs.

She also noted that Swift’s attorney had sent a letter demanding the footage of their conversation be destroyed.