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18-Oct-2019 01:19

), which even back in august had plenty of material for me to go through!

anyway, i bought the phone and equipped it with a 16GB micro SD card and dumped coupple of hundret songs, almost 10000 picture-files and a few dozen movie files on it! and that's where the trouble began: the filesystem can't handle that many files!

It's an interesting concept but not always easy to press , a standard rocker key would have been better.

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You can adjust the size of images, picture quality, ISO and white balance, among other things.

I heard everytime you text you have to turn it off. ); the second mistake i made was not researching the GC900 on youtube(!

I've had mine for about 24hrs now, and am loving it.

but what annoyes me the most is that when you download and install application or games, and they need file-access, expect to be asked EVERY time for EVERY file-access for permissions! i am a user, and i paid for the damn thing, the least it can do for me is let me use it the way i want to use it, without the crappy big-brother control-freak attitude!

don't think this nonsens is fixed with any of the availble rom-flashes (and none are available through LG directly - odd? alright, let's get to the "speed" of the device: it feels like 200mhz device, is laggy as hell, and file-access (for the files it can "see", anyway) is atrociously slow! if you want a REAL gadget, spend the extra and have a look at the HTC HD2, cause that's what i am getting in a coupple of days (it's on it's way ... ) however, if all you need is a smartphone check out some of those 'iphone-clones' (-0) from china, they're certainly better than any offerings from LG!

You can also edit photos using the KU990's photo-editing app, which by the way is a super cool app Other features include an attractive calendar, a fun 3D shoot 'em up game, speaker phone mode and a music player that supports MP3, AAC, WMA, WMV and AMR formats.

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