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As things stood, though, my sparkle or shine were history. My eyes sprung another leak, so I slammed my head back into the softness of the wet Muppet Babies. "I didn't raise no goddamned nun." I had hung a crucifix outside my doorway just after the breakup.

After crying on them for four days straight, I had memorized every thread of each character. My mother was about as devout as a turnip; so I bought the symbol to scare her away.

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She stays busy writing for women's and teen magazines and is currently a contributing editor at YM. Kemp grew up in Indiana but moved to New York City to be a full-time writer.Dancing Kermit went from faded green to the shade of a ripe avocado.Miss Piggy had been almost invisible for five years, but suddenly her flesh looked peachy.She hated it when I threatened to pray, so I prayed loudly whenever I wanted her to make her disappear.

I was not religious either, but I didn't think she'd figured that out yet.For owners and those considering ownership on Terlingua Ranch to comment on the Terlingua Ranch Property Owners Association also known as POATRI.

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