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There are a couple of Finnish porn stars of note, including Saana, Marella Inari, Monika Star and Rakel Liekki.Perhaps the best-known Finnish adult star is Heidi Mark, Playmate of the Month in July 1995 and a regular in the Playboy Cyber Club.Prostitution laws were relaxed after World War II, prior to which it was illegal to buy and sell sexual services.There are discussions happening in the Finnish government that are looking to criminalize the purchase of sex and bring the country’s laws in line with other EU member states.Worryingly for the liberal Finns at the time was the claim that gay porn was also being censored.

The adult industry in Finland is limited when you compare it to neighbouring Denmark but, in a report produced by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the market is bigger than expected.However, advocates of prostitution, Pro-tukipiste r.y. claim that between 15 women use their services each year.The majority of these women are migrants and the best estimates suggest that around 4000 prostitutes work in Finland with 70% of these being foreign.The scheme was established to help combat and police the incidence of child pornography being available (or distributed) in Finland.

However, the website whose aim is to combat censorship has conducted research to prove that the filters set up are too stringent; effectively blocking innocent, and non-pornographic, sites such as Windows help forums, doll manufacturers and computer repair services.

Revenue generated from videos, magazines and internet porn sites accounts for around €500 million each year.