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04-Sep-2020 08:53

If you don't have a column in the table that has unique values it is possible for more than one row to match the one that should be updated. In order for the insert/select/update statements to be automatically generated, the table has to have a primary key so that code to select the correct row upon insert or to update knows which row to select.If you are working with a complex table with many columns, but only wish to enable the user to view and edit one or two of them, you then have a major task ahead of you to delete a LOT of redundant markup.

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However you still need to update it as described below to protect against malware discovered since the installation package was built.

Does anyone know why VS 2010 set these indexes to -1? On reflection (after some browsing elsewhere), I suspect that there should be an Edit button appearing beside every record, with the Update and Cancel buttons only appearing for the selected record after an Edit button has been clicked. As previously stated, I am now seeing an Update button and a Cancel button on just the first record and there is no sign of any Edit buttons.

If I make some changes to the selected field and click the Update button, I get the error "Linq Data Source 'Linq Data Source1' does not support the Select property when the Delete, Insert or Update operations are enabled".

Please note: before installing the Sophos software you must uninstall any other anti-virus software you may have installed on the machine (read the software manufacturer's instructions on how to do this).

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After you have downloaded the file, run it or find the downloaded file and double-click on it.I have just created a new web page containing a List View, which gets its data via a Linq Data Source.

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