Shelf life dating foods

03-Jun-2020 18:10

It's challenging to reformulate for a clean label while retaining the necessary shelf life and maintaining the eating experience customers know and love." In many ways, shelf life is synonymous with food safety.The two goals are intertwined in the Iso Stat Products Group from Newly Weds Foods ( Chicago.With low-salt demands so prevalent, especially since the FDA's June release of its draft on sodium reduction targets, processors are cutting back on salt to control moisture and water activity.Corbion Caravan Ingredients ( says its recently expanded Verdad Avanta line delivers low-salt benefits with a blend of vinegar and either jasmine tea extract, citrus flour or celery powder to provide fresh meats and poultry with color and flavor stability days longer, as they control oxidation.Rosemary extracts, vinegar and lemon juice, as well as sodium citrate, potassium citrate and sodium diacetate form the basis of a handful of products that improve levels of food safety by extending shelf life and otherwise controlling the oxidation and spoilage of several categories of food.Jerry Erdmann, principal scientist at Du Pont Nutrition & Health ( New Century, Kan., finds the challenges facing extended shelf life are the removal of historical approaches or hurdles used to control spoilage and reduce oxidation.Tocopherols are important to stabilize cell membranes and can be used in fats, oils and many fat-containing food products.

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Vitamin E and tocopherols, which are fat-soluble alcohols with antioxidant properties, can improve the stability of myoglobin in ground beef, better retaining the color of final products. (com), Chicago, says the natural form of vitamin E, d-alpha-tocopherol, is better retained by the body than the synthetic form (dl-alpha-tocopherol)."They can enhance microbiological stability to keep foods safe for consumption or enhance organoleptic stability to keep colors and flavors intense and prevent off-notes," Janthial explains."Each ingredient must be backed by exhaustive shelf life studies conducted on each application type."Alternative antimicrobials or antioxidant products are still relatively new in the market, with much less historical understanding," he continues.

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"It's important that customers understand the use, cost, flavor impact, effectiveness and shelf life expectation of finished products using chemical alternatives." It's also critical, he says, that manufacturers do their due diligence to assure the desired antimicrobial properly addresses their concerns.Delavau's Encore Fresh antimicrobial agent can more than double the shelf life of pita bread, from 10 to 21 days, while Encore Soft AM combines antimicrobial and anti-staling capabilities and helps maintain softness of baked goods so they taste fresh from 30 to 45 days.

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