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And so, gathering all the strength I could muster, I sold everything I owned. Maybe I was just too ill to think clearly, and that’s how I ended up here.

I moved to a place of glassy water and palm trees and deep mangrove swamp. But my plan was to be in a place of warm weather and intense sun, among lots of wildlife and natural things. It came as a bit of a shock, then, when I did not in fact die.

In reality, there is nobody here but me and the crabs, and the lizards with their quizzical stares.

When a shooting star passes, there is no one beside me to nudge, no one with whom to make a wish.

Then we would watch a movie outside in the park under the forever-orange sky.

Sometimes we would hit up a lesbian-friendly sex shop late at night before heading home, holding up dildos and dental dams and whips and making stupid jokes – the kind of jokes you make when you know your friends get you, and love you no matter who you are.

You’re supposed to give someone your float plan before you leave, so if something happens, you can be rescued.

There are nurse sharks, and peregrine falcons, and black cormorants, and iguanas, and scorpions galore. I eat flower salad on the daily (made entirely of edible flowers), with fresh coconut or lime or banana or tropical cherries I planted myself in the yard.The next thing I remember it was seven months later, in a cold white office, and I was getting diagnosed with a life-threatening neuro-immune disease.Apparently, it was genetic, but needed a trigger to manifest – that trigger was likely working 80-hour weeks and pushing myself to my limit in all aspects of my life for basically my entire adulthood.I’ve also found that kayaking is almost like normal life to me, because I can move and see the world while lying nearly completely flat.

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Sometimes, I even take my feet out, and put them on top of the deck, so they’re above my head while I paddle.

The only time I can find a semblance of normalcy is when I am lying down, so my heart can better regulate itself.