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17-Feb-2020 03:46

(The substance may darken decayed areas, but baby teeth fall out.)Dr.Studen-Pavlovich, who directs the pediatric residency program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, emphasizes the importance of hands-on sedation training for dentists: “Classroom training is not enough,” she said.“It’s not appropriate for sedation to be a first-line treatment” for all cavities, Dr. Less risky and less invasive options, such as placing a temporary filling to buy time until a child will sit for a proper one, should be discussed.

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Unfortunately, it’s not known how many children are sedated in dental offices nor the actual frequency of problems.Children younger than 6 may have a greater risk of adverse events, a 2009 study suggested, based on nearly 50,000 sedation/anesthesia procedures at 37 locations, mostly hospitals.