Problems updating mac os with windows

04-May-2020 09:35

If the installation has completely frozen on a blank screen, you may need to reinstall mac OS High Sierra.Try rebooting the Mac and running the High Sierra installer again, or if you have a mac OS High Sierra USB boot installer drive, run the installer from there.If installation fails, usually in a very obvious manner with an error message when attempting to install the High Sierra update, the solution is usually to redownload the installer and then reinstall mac OS High Sierra.There are various error messages that may be seen in this including: “The path /System/Installation/Packages/appears to be missing or damaged.If mac OS High Sierra will not proceed with installation on the Mac, usually with a notification along the lines of “mac OS High Sierra cannot be installed”, it is likely because the Mac is not compatible with High Sierra.You can check the compatibility list for Macs that support mac OS High Sierra here, generally speaking if the Mac runs Sierra and is reasonably modern, it should work.

But first you should try resetting NVRAM / PRAM on the Mac.This article attempts to gather a list of some of the reported mac OS High Sierra problems, along with possible troubleshooting solutions to those issues, though by no means is this exhaustive.