Password cracker for dating sites

17-Oct-2020 08:10

As we’ve said many times, you shouldn’t use the same password on multiple websites.

Doing so is a recipe for disaster – because if you get hacked in one place, all of your other online accounts at other sites which use the same password could fall shortly afterwards.

Actually they are very much aware of these hacking techniques through Bug Bounty Program where security researchers / white-hat hackers around the world find and report security vulnerabilities (hacking techniques or system weakness) to Google.

Google take necessary action to patch the vulnerabilities and reward those people who made a responsible disclosure to them.

Unfortunately, e Harmony doesn’t offer much detail of the security incident – only saying that “a small fraction” of its userbase was impacted, and there is no information shared of how the data breach might have happened.

As with the Linked In breach, e Harmony users’ passwords were exposed in the form of hashes.

When a user lands on such a page, he/she might think that is real Google account login page and asking them to provide their username and password.

So the people who do not find phishing page suspicious might enter their username, password and the password information would be sent to the hacker who created the phishing page, simultaneously the victim would get redirected to original Gmail page.

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Information like date of birth, their mobile number, their boyfriend / girlfriend’s mobile number, nickname, mother’s name, native place etc. Obtaining these information from the respective people might let us hack into their account.

Peter navigate to the link and see a Gmail login page. Now the username and password of Peter would be sent to Alex (that background php do that sending process) and Peter is redirected to a money making tips page https:// Clicking on any links from these messages would lead you to a Google account login page.

Whenever you find a Google login page, you should note only one thing that is URL because nobody can spoof / use Google URL except when there are some XSS zero day vulnerabilities but that’s very rare. It is a subdomain of

All of them are fake and posted only in the intention of making money.

Do you think an innovative company like Google is dumb in identifying such hacking techniques against their multi billion dollar firm.

Hacking Gmail or Google is the second most searched account hacking topic on the internet next to hacking Facebook account.