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21-Jun-2020 07:44

Another reason for making these new episodes is, simply put, to feed the beast.

Fans may notice that “Divorce” debuts on a Monday night, rather than the Sunday timeslots reserved for prestigious HBO fare — hell, reserved for almost all HBO originals up until a few years ago.

Frances (Parker) begins the season looking for work, after her gallery burns down and she can’t afford to start it up again.

One might think this would lead to an exploration of what it’s like to be a penniless single parent in an expensive big city, but Season 3 skirts that in favor of a meaningless, go-nowhere turn of events: Frances gets what be an hourly gig at a bird preservation society. After six episodes, I still don’t know — perhaps to see Frances fall down a leafy hill?

Seen as too dark, slow, and lacking in humor — black or otherwise — Season 2 got a makeover: more “hope,” more “forward momentum,” and a “brighter” palette were given to the black comedy, morphing it into a more approachable story, yet still one grounded in turmoil. Craig Blankenhorn/HBO And yet, here we are: Season 3.

As Frances and Robert dealt with the nuts and bolts of their divorce, be it legal proceedings or financial issues, Season 2 tried to keep its leads focused on the future. Following an eight-month wait between the end of Season 2 and a renewal, “Divorce” landed its lowest episode order to date (six, down from eight in Season 2 and 10 in Season 1).

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That means ambitious new dramas like “Euphoria” as well as superhero franchises like “Watchmen” and Joss Whedon’s “The Nevers.” But it also means a third season of “Divorce.” Streaming services need subscribers, and as more and more streaming services fight for what’s widely seen as a limited number of subscription dollars, each provider needs to offer a steady flow of content.Tonally, “Divorce” is best described as disinvested.

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