Opinions on madating hpv vaccine

15-Sep-2020 16:03

These strains usually change each year, which is why the vaccine is given annually.

Even if you get the flu from a strain of the virus that wasn’t included in the vaccine, having the vaccine can make your illness milder.

I think we’ve hashed out the vaccine subject on Po Fo more than once. As a parent I vaccinate my children, but respect the wishes of other parents who don’t want to.

I also find the persecution of parents who don’t wish to vaccinate their kids a bit scary. Having said all that, I think there should be a change in vaccine promotion, particularly in rich countries, or first world countries as we like to categorise them. Make parents pay to have their children vaccinated and then see how quick the uptake is.

Can’t I just take antiviral drugs if I get the flu?

It is best to take precautions to prevent the flu with annual immunization.

The flu vaccine is the most effective method to prevent influenza.

The research clearly shows that flu vaccinations vastly increase mass immunity and protect immune-suppressed patients. D., secretary of Maryland’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, says the years when there have been flu outbreaks in Baltimore City are correlated directly to low vaccination rates (as low as 30 percent) in health care workers. Maryland law currently requires proof of immunity for other communicable diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella for acute health care workers.I’m very familiar with the symptoms of the flu, and I stay home when I am sick.

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