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23-Mar-2020 23:42

JOHN SHARRYanswers your questions My nine-year-old daughter asked me out of the blue last night, “How do you get a baby?

” I was a little shocked and, as I was thinking what to say, she then told me that her friend told her that “the boy and girl have to have sex”.

While, traditionally, children tended to be told this information well into their teens (if at all), generally the consensus is that they should now be told at a younger age and in advance of their teens.

Children are starting puberty earlier and thus experiencing sexual feelings and adolescent crushes at younger ages.

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Or if you come across as moralistic or make your daughter feel there was something wrong in her raising the subject, this could equally close down communication.You could ask your daughter what her friend told her, or what she knows already about how babies are made. Then it is useful for you to tell her any information she needs to know.When talking to children, a key principle is to be honest and truthful but to impart only the information that they need to know according to their age and understanding.Even though you did not respond in the moment to your daughter’s question, I think you could still get back to her and raise the subject again.

Pick a good time to chat with her, and refer back to her question by saying: “Remember you asked me the other day about sex and how babies were made – this is a important chat we should have together.” It is crucial to get your tone right.Now I feel I didn’t handle the situation well and that maybe I should have talked to her more about sex and what she knew, but I did not feel comfortable.