My best friends dating guy like

11-Oct-2020 18:49

Consider if your time together is truly worth throwing away. Odds are if you have a crush on the best friend, he’s probably aware of it.In fact, he’s probably flirted back and entertained thoughts of you in ways that should only be reserved for your boyfriend.When this goes missing there is usually a solid reason behind it.Are you simply attracted to the friend more than your partner?You’d be smart to take some time to meditate on what you really want out of life, love, and relationships.So what do you do when you like your boyfriend’s best friend?

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You’d never want him to throw in your face that’d you’ve been ungrateful for his love and time, or that you’ve been a liar or a cheat.Is your current sex life dwindling or leaving you unfulfilled?Have you and your partner stopped communicating with one another?If you’re seriously thinking of running off with your boyfriend’s bestie, there may be a couple of points worth considering before you do.

Things can get especially tricky if you’ve been with your current boyfriend for a long time.If you’re having feelings for someone else, you need to take a deep look at why.