Must love dogs online dating

09-Nov-2019 06:29

Someone that doesn’t think I’m nuts for loving my dogs and all animals. Sender must be from the following country: United States. Sender must be older than 45 years old and younger than 60 years old.

We are talking about people who simply love their animals and freely accept the unconditional love they have to offer.What better way is there in getting people with similar interests together than a website designed for pet lovers?There is a common interest from the very beginning so there certainly wont be a lack of conversation on that first date. They also play more important roles in our lives than ever before, with some 91 per cent of pet owners reporting that they feel very close to their pet.

Whether its making new friends at the dog park or simply attracting plenty of attention from the opposite sex when you’re out for a walk, our canine companions have a knack for breaking down social barriers and acting as conversation starters.

Love Me Love My Pet Jodie OBrien says that Love Me Love My Pet was set up in late 2009 and has a rapidly growing membership.