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Here are links to some of the descriptive web pages provided by the Cascade Volcano Obervatory. Helens More information about the 1980 eruption More information about the 1980-1986 eruption More information about the 2004-2008 eruption The Cascades Volcano Observatory and the PNSN cooperatively operate 21 seismometers on or near Mount St. On average, we locate 4 to 14 earthquakes within 10 km of the volcano each week. For lots of detail on the past seismicity at Mount St. Most earthquakes are located at a shallow depth directly under the volcano; however there is a St.

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On average (not during eruptions or their precursors) we locate about 17 earthquakes a month at Mount St. Most of these events are in the depth range of 1-4 km.For technical reasons several different magnitude scales are in common use.At PNSN we use the following: Md (Duration Magnitude) - based on the duration of shaking. Helens is the most historically active volcano in the Cascade range, having produced four major explosive eruptions since 1479, and dozens more smaller eruptions, including pyroclastic flows, lava flows and domes, and lahars.We interpret these events to be in response to stresses generated by magma recharge into the main crustal magma system.

Such recharge seems to have taken place during the periods: 1989-1991, late in 1995 in 1997 and perhaps a few periods since the end of the last eruption such as mid 20.

Measured from the epicenter (in degrees), the largest azimuthal gap between azimuthally adjacent stations.

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