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06-Oct-2020 10:59

They come from all sorts of backgrounds and generations, with different talents and widely divergent incomes.

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Con: His big mouth often misfires, as when he blasted Giants fans because they had the nerve to boo him and his disappointing teammates. The ever-smiling hotelier – who owns The Mercer in Soho, Chateau Marmont and the Standard in L. Con: Seems to be giving Uma Thurman more than his shoulder to cry on. The adulterer/actor finally shed his pretty-boy image this summer, brazenly cheating on wife Uma Thurman.Pro: Makes more than you do in a year to tweak a Britney Spears song. Con: If he stays over your house, make sure to have extra hair product for his artfully mussed ‘do. Brash CEO of Rocawear clothing line and Roc-a-Fella Records also owns a film company, vodka line, nightclub, and he’s undoubtedly planning a new project as you read this. Con: Is prone to obnoxious harangues against his underlings or those who question his importance. Doe-eyed son of Elite Models founder John Casablancas sings for hot rock band The Strokes. Con: Wears “ironic” 1980s concert T-shirts by Def Lepard and Michael Jackson. Next to the blustery Bill O’Reilly, this Southern-fried anchorman is probably the most recognizable face on the top-rated Fox News Channel.