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In 1991, Mark Mc Cahill, a student at the University of Minnesota, effectively used a hypertext paradigm to create Gopher, which also searched for plain text references in files.

Archie and Gopher’s searchable database of websites did not have natural language keyword capabilities used in modern search engines.

For example, the major search engines found in use today originated in development between 19.

Also as part of the deal, Info Space acquired rights to Web Crawler.

Ask Jeeves (now purchased the portal in 2004. Originally it was a highly regarded directory of sites that were cataloged by human editors.

In October 2002, Yahoo shifted to crawler-based listing for its search results. purchased Overture’s pay-per-click service, which had only months earlier purchased Alta Vista and Allthe Web, and Inktomi’s search database. combined these tools to create its own search index. Search Marketing and provides paid search advertising revenue. Directory remains one of the top indexes powering search listings.

Web Crawler was the first search engine to provide full text search.On September 4, 1995, Spidey was created as Web Crawler’s mascot.

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