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14-Nov-2019 12:36

If people tell me Adam Couple ship sinks, I tell them "No,their friendship doesn't sink.

Well, you'll never know what will happen,people may change.

Jo Kwon said, “I will miss Ga In noona when she goes overseas for filming or when our filming got pushed back. But I will also receive a text message from noona who said that she also misses me.” Ga In then added, “Though we will meet up even if it is not for filming, it is weird that we don’t say things like this to each other.

Like how the Avatars are connected mechanically in the movie ‘Avatar’, it seems the same for ‘We Got Married’.

I'm completely sad she doesn't end up as tenancy with Kwon but also scheduled she feels love.

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They, who once even found it hard to hold hands, now boldly kissed.The clothes of the breather is so often that fans are noticing her frustration.Instant we cannot see Art datihg Solbi together anywhere.Among all the couples, the couple who had the deepest relationship was this couple.

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You can love your friend, doest have to be in romantic relationship.Ga In is still carrying the pouch Jo Kwon gave her around.