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19-Nov-2019 06:51

But now, District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller wants to charge her with careless driving resulting in death.

This was a terrible accident that took place on a snowy highway - not something a mother who just lost her only children should have to relive in the court system."The holder of this petition, Bernadette Bifano attested to the horrible driving conditions of that day, and her parents were there at the scene of the crash as witnesses to what happened. The petition has almost reached it's goal number in signatures, please be the ones to have that goal made.

Here is a petieion: Correction, cispa's wording IS vague.

We easily separated them and everyone was calmed down when an NYPD officer came onto the scene.

I meant to start this sooner, after i realized that there wasn't one, but I think it'd be a good idea to have a thread where people can post petitions under.

1) Missions would be more organized.2) With multiple petitions under the same thread, people can skim through and choose multiple petitions to sign all at one sitting.3) Petitions are a super easy way of helping others across the globe.

Even the laziest of do-gooders should be able to take less than five minutes of their time to virtually sign a petition.

Rules: Make sure to link the site holding the petition as well as give a brief description to why the petition is being held.

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