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But watch what happens when you leave him out of it and focus on your feeling: “I feel really angry when I have to keep waiting, and I don’t want to be late.” See the difference?You’re not making him out to be the bad guy, and you’re not hiding who you really are.That’s when you’ll see a man shut down, become defensive, and call you “dramatic” or needy. When we’ve expressed a feeling to a man only to watch him withdraw, we’ll often start doing something else: we’ll ignore the feeling altogether and pretend it’s not there.When he asks us what’s wrong, we’ll look away and say, “Oh, nothing.” But doing this actually creates MORE distance between you and a man! Because he’ll sense that something IS wrong with you, and he’ll know you’re pretending.Have you ever tried to communicate your feelings to a man only to have him shut down or pull away?I remember when I used to walk on eggshells around a man.Guys who have read my dating ebook have told me things like: “ Why do my readers make such outrageous claims about The Flow?

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Or, if you’re already satisfied with your dating life, having sex with beautiful women you want and see no need to improve your dating skills by reading a dating ebook… However, if you are a guy who is willing to admit that the dating scene has CHANGED and is not like it was when our parents were dating…and if you’re a guy who is willing to admit that he needs some “help with the ladies,” then this ebook is for you!

If you launch at him with an accusation (“You’re always late!

”), then not only will you NOT get the resolution you want, but you’ll create more unnecessary tension.

He’ll know you’re not being authentic, and it starts to make him wonder whether he’s getting the whole picture with you.

And, because you’ve been covering up so much, sometimes you might not even know exactly what you’re feeling!Just how big a difference can The Flow make in your life? Now, you would assume that with all the amazing, real world successes I’ve had with this system, guys all over the world would be rushing to buy The Flow and use it for themselves. MOST GUYS DON’T THINK IT’S POSSIBLE TO IMPROVE THEIR SKILLS WITH WOMEN!

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