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27-Apr-2020 17:50

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In this paragraph, let me expand on the stereotyping/fetishizing I’ve experienced.When I accepted my transness, and met people who accepted my transness, I changed my name on social media and everything non-legal I could.One large issue surrounding life as a post op transsexual is that your ability to experience orgasm can be severely impaired.This impairment of orgasm capability is more likely to occur in male to female transsexuals, who make up most of the transsexual escort industry.There are a number of reasons why a transgender escort may not wish to undergo surgery in order to change their genitalia.While in theory, the ability to fully function as a member of the sex you identify with is desirable, plenty of hurdles exist in between what is wanted and what can be achieved.

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With regard to transsexual escorts, it’s likely that a large majority are not post op, as is the same with the general transgender community.

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