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I guess that the bottom line is that in the affluent west, it simply won't do to spend an extended spell in prison as everyone is in the business of preserving their quality of life and keeping up with the Joneses or the O'Joneses perhaps.

A stint in clink seriously jeopardises one's custodianship or aspirations towards another Chelsea tractor or semi-detached residence. The modern Irish republican is a capitalist wannabe.

I graduated from the university of Bradford avec an M. You can stalk me at: blog pieces are grammatically correct and I do not need to resort to any spell check.

Consequently, purely in terms of English, this collectively places my blog easily amongst the top ten of blogs for proper use of the English language.

I wish for this site to raise my profile amongst the chattering classes, so that maybe one day I too can be invited onto radio discussion shows to offload my twopence worth. ****Finally, I am extremely grateful for all of the visitors to my site, but don't just browse at my book extracts, please purchase the publications that are showcased. Along with many people on both sides of the Irish Sea, I have been horrified by the recent revelations that IRA suspects have been given written assurances that there is an amnesty on the unsolved crimes that they have been implicated in.

At present, British radio and television shows are over-populated with the same old talking heads. They would make ideal presents for your family, friends, and even worst enemies. DOUBLE STANDARDS FROM THE 'SINNERS'In Norn Iron, folk sometimes refer to members and devotees of Sinn Fein as the Shinners. It's all very well absolving the Irish republican terrorists of responsibility for a catalogue of atrocities and assorted offences, but surely the same standards must then be applied to the perpetrators of Bloody Sunday. The more that I've launched my own personal inquiry into the terrible events of the 30th of January 1972 [a much cheaper inquiry than the publicly-financed version], the more that I've been horrified by the trigger-happy soldiers who shot unarmed people in cold blood and sometimes from behind.

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This is another piece of skullduggery practised by all terror suspects in Norn Iron.

The Irish republicans have always harboured hostility towards the big bad brutal Brits but Bloody Sunday kind of legitimised their antipathy.

In much the same way as the Islamic extremists truly wish to regard their American and British foes as worthy of their vile behaviour, so too the Irish militants share a similar perverted stance towards all agents of British rule.

Aren't you glad that you have paid a visit to here, you lucky, lucky people?!

**This beautiful blogsite is primarily a vehicle for uploading extracts from my many informative, insightful, insurrectionary, quality reference books.

Even the age-old scaremongering about Dublin rule equates to Rome rule or Pope rule is now sheer and utter drivel.