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It involves reliving a traumatic experience in a controlled, therapeutic environment.

In a way, Exposure Therapy is related to the old maxim “face your fears,” but instead of jumping into a terror-inducing situation with both feet, therapy usually advocates a carefully planned, gradual approach to alleviating fears.

For example, you visit a friend in a large city who lives in an apartment right beside an elevated railroad.

It is very annoying every time a train screeches by, shaking the building and rattling the windows to the point that conversation becomes difficult.

In the same way, Exposure Therapy gradually habituates the patient to the feared thing — be it a situation, an item, a memory, or a thought.

Through exposure, it gradually loses its power to produce fear and anxiety, with the goal being that it is no longer even noticed.

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Along with an exposure plan, you will be taught relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, and other coping skills to deal with emotional and physical distress and fear.

Avoidance does provide temporary relief from anxiety, but it never lasts.

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