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24-Mar-2020 16:27

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Radiometric dating--the process of determining the age of rocks from the decay of their radioactive elements--has been in widespread use for over half a century.There are over forty such techniques, each using a different radioactive element or a different way of measuring them. Wiens has a Ph D in Physics, with a minor in Geology.His Ph D thesis was on isotope ratios in meteorites, including surface exposure dating.Radiometric dating techniques indicate that the Earth is thousands of times older than that--approximately four and a half billion years old.Many Christians accept this and interpret the Genesis account in less scientifically literal ways.

Many are also unaware that Bible-believing Christians are among those actively involved in radiometric dating.The passage of time can be charted by the reduction in the number of parent atoms, and the increase in the number of daughter atoms.Radiometric dating can be compared to an hourglass.However, some Christians suggest that the geologic dating techniques are unreliable, that they are wrongly interpreted, or that they are confusing at best.

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Unfortunately, much of the literature available to Christians has been either inaccurate or difficult to understand, so that confusion over dating techniques continues.The next few pages cover a broad overview of radiometric dating techniques, show a few examples, and discuss the degree to which the various dating systems agree with each other.

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