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What I loved was that we literally couldn’t go anywhere else. Up north, you’re forced to get to know each other, and we had to deal with each other for almost two months. You build this family and it’s devastating when it’s over and then you realize it will be an incredible memory and you hope you’ve made relationships that will last. I was that kid performing for everyone at every family function.By age 7, I was hooked on theatre and my love for it just grew. The high school had just built a school for performing arts and they were shooting a pilot when I was 16.Chriqui’s first Hollywood role was as a supporting character in a movie named Detroit Rock City in 1999.Then she continued her career with other movies such as Wrong Turn, On the Line, 100 Girls, and In the Mix.They moved to Toronto, Ontario when she was about two, and her mother who told Emmanuelle to become, the actress died when she was very young.

Her mother, Liliane and her father, Rabat raised her with two elder brother and sister named Serge and Laurence.

I knew I had to get out of there if I was going to go after my dream. LA is huge and even more multicultural, and there are people like me. I’d say I was born with a friendly disposition and I’m on the optimistic side (except during that time of the month) and I think people are receptive to that. I had to start saying no to roles because I kept getting offered more of the same.

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