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22-Oct-2020 20:21

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Regardless of how things pan out, most of the people we talked to agree that dating is a great way to discover new things about yourself.

"Going on dates has actually helped me realize where I'm at emotionally.

I also think there's more accountability to be polite when you meet through mutual friends.

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Curious to find out whether there was a difference between meeting a date through an app or IRL, we asked the participants to share their experiences.I love going on first dates with strangers; I find it to be either mysterious and romantic, or hilariously awkward and uncomfortable." Though he's able to roll with the punches if there's not a connection, he Conversely, another woman we spoke to mentioned that she knew within five minutes of meeting one date IRL that there was no attraction, but because they had mutual friends and interests, she hung out with him for about two hours.Since she's dating to find new friends Some of the other people we spoke to ended up in committed relationships, though that wasn't necessarily what they were looking for when they starting swiping. A.–based woman we spoke to, Eleanor, used dating apps for about a year until she met her boyfriend."Personally, when I meet someone through an app, I feel like I have more freedom to act differently," Teddy shares.

"Usually we have no common connections, so we're starting from a clean slate with no real preconceived notions about the other person." "On the upside," he continues, "there's a thrill in exploring parts of my identity and meeting people from different walks of life.

Eleanor brings up the point of mutual friends, too, but a has a different take than Violet.

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