Dylan sprouse dating kay panabaker

19-Feb-2020 11:54

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On the small screen, however, first kisses are usually portrayed as being *magical* and *romantic*.While this is great and all (like, who want to get lost in a unrealistic fictional love story every now and then?

And after a while of quintessential Disney romance, a kiss was inevitable. Just so you know, I just ate a tuna sandwich.' And I'll be like, 'Awesome, Cole; I just put on lip gloss.' It's definitely a bizarre situation." Welp, at least she was a good sport about the whole thing! "It was totally embarrassing in front of the crew [who] were all like my dads," she explained of the smooch, which happened when she was 13 and he was 16.

Not many people can look at their spouse and say they had their first kiss with him/her, but MK is one of the special few. I had the biggest crush on him.” The actress continued, "Ashton was so nice.