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" This was the goodly model of chriftian incorpo- rations ! Such a fud- den revolution could not, indeed, have been effedled but upon the plan of an incorporation already vene- rable and familiar to the m.ultitude.

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A certain hierarchy of priefts were arranged to attend in the of thefe deities ; to officiate at their akars ; and to pay them thofe honours j in the name of the Roman people, which the fupreme authority of the republic had decreed to them. From this Ihort iketch, it is eafy to fee the model of incorporations ; and, at tlie fame time, the mo- Ti VEs, which prompted the chriftian clergy to ioli- cit, — and the chriftian emperors to grant a fimilar alliance to chriftianity, in the fourth century. J »_ 1 levees of popes, or receiving their forfeited crowns from [ 29 ] from his hands.