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Don’t worry that your SO is going to cheat on you while on tour because most likely they won't. And C) the people who throw themselves at you without any convincing are usually the gross kind who make you wish you were at home with your nice girlfriend/boyfriend.2.

Even if you really want to get in someone’s pants, chances are they’ve already gone home by the time you’re done loading out.3. Alone time is a concept that doesn’t exist on tour.

In the spirit of our Valentine’s Day issue, which is brimming with love . I’ve sat on an amp against the wall and wondered what I should do. The only exception to this rule is if you live together and sound check is an errand you must run in between going to Walgreen’s and going to Costco.

of cynicism, here is a guide to relationship DON’Ts when dating a musician in a band. Even as a girl, I wholeheartedly defend the no-girlfriends rule. I’ve certainly been that girl who's gone to a dude’s band practice. Please, for the love of God, don’t go to sound check.

She and her brother Francis have been kickin' under that moniker for more than five years now, and in that time have put out four LPs, toured relentlessly around both North America and Europe, played huge festival gigs, been featured in promotional campaigns for Levi's and Converse and, just recently, even made a nutty, psychedelic rock 'n' roll film based on recent travels.

And they've accomplished all of that in a completely DIY fashion. We spoke with Alex to get an idea of a typical workday, but she couldn't give us just one.

I get up, I make coffee – like six cups of coffee – and I sit down at my computer and open my inbox.

I see what's in there while the coffee's brewing, make my bed, pour myself a cup, and sit down and start looking at my emails. I start answering them in order of easiest to answer to hardest, which may not be the best strategy, but that's how we do it because I kind of like to get those easy ones out.

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When your special friend gets to do the positive things he or she wants to do, this benefits you because now you are involved with a happier, more receptive person, which makes for a better relationship. Like, if SO’s band practices are used purely as an excuse to be a drug addict, or if dude quits his job to be a full-time musician when his band hasn’t even scratched the surface of the local music scene, then fine, you can get mad all you want. When you’re on tour you don’t have much time to A) meet someone and B) convince someone to sleep with you.

That’s the kind of person he or she is, and that behavior will exist in various forms on off the road.

So basically, you should worry about it all the time, not just when they’re on tour.

Plus, now your bandmates think you’re a dick for cheating on someone, which makes for a long ride home.4.

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If that person does cheat on you on the road, then guess what?In fact, it’s probably something you liked about them in the first place.