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08-Oct-2020 16:05

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As Michael never plans anything on his own, I found this suspicious, but didn’t think too much into it.

That night, there was a special weather alert due to high winds and rain, as we were racing past Spencer Smith park to get to dinner, a photographer from “Canadian Living” approached us and asked if he could take our photo.

The owner was very personable and was super helpful throughout the entire process!

Our original guest count was 180 people and we ended up having 156 people attend our wedding.

There are lots of things that I could tell you about myself, but here is the highlight reel; I love kickboxing, wine, everything sweet, my incredible husband Michael, and wine (did I say that already? We actually attended the same high school, but didn’t know eachother until we started working at Toys R Us together (best job ever).

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My dress shopping experience was stress free and super enjoyable!

I was the first one out of my group of friends to get married, so I didn’t have too much to go off of.