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17-Jan-2020 06:27

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An edited list of potential matches may, indeed, be helpful in a place like Houston where it's easy to be overwhelmed by the number of people trying to find "the one." A 2016 United States Census Bureau report found that between July 2014 and July 2015, the Houston-The Woodlands-Surgarland areas saw "the largest gains (in population growth) of any metro areas in the nation." And the approach to target those who care about education and achievement may be smart one. In contrast, marriage and parenthood rank low: over half of Americans believe that marrying and having children are not very important in order to become an adult," read the report.

It was the former half of the population Bradford hopes showed up at the Rosemont launch.

And although an Ivy League university is more likely to move you to the top of the admissions file, it's not a requirement. Renee Hames, an executive assistant said, "I'm hoping this will be different because you see the same people after a while on dating sites, or they want pen-pals and nothing serious." While a few men said that they're hoping the site will deliver a woman who is "smarter than me," said Philip Tarpley, an attorney who attented Rice and Duke University.

"Educational background matter to me," said Tarpley.

This alfresco Greater Heights haunt is where the late 20- and 30-somethings come looking for their next totally healthy relationship.

And like all the best outdoor bars in Houston, it’s dog-friendly, meaning your totally adorable four-legged pal can totally help you flirt. No worries; it’s easy to spit game here thanks to the garden’s uber-relaxed and kinda romantic atmosphere.

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If all goes well, share a late-night pie down the street at Frank’s Pizza. Journey towards the dueling pianos Midtown, then head right to the stage, where you’ll find them cheering on their soon-to-be betrothed bestie in matching “bride tribe” tanks.Some guests arrived dressed the part of the young professional, while a few opted for the first-date look.But everyone there held out hope that a different approach to online matching would yield different results than their internet dates have produced so far.The League threw their Austin party a few days before the Houston event and drew about 300 single Austinites.

Other cities where The League is live, or soon to be, include Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia and Miami. Census survey called "The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood: 1975-2016" said, "Most of today's Americans believe that educational and economic accomplishments are extremely important milestones of adulthood.

"It promises to be more legit," said Nick Mc Daniel, a party guest and 24-year-old graduate student in geophysics at University of Houston.

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