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01-Jul-2020 03:31

This keeps you confident that the call will go well and ensures that you are in control of the conversation. ” (She’s going to be nervous and excited to speak with you – enjoy the energy! wow, you sound a little different to what I expected” . at least you don’t sound like a balding 48 year old man that’s going to take me back to his basement! Here’s a golden line that you can use to conclude your first conversation : You: “I’m in a bit of a hurry so I have to go… Now you don’t want to ruin all that ground work you’ve done and embarrass yourself on the first date…” (Relating back to that original comment you made over text will make you seem witty and also lighten the mood). yes, but perhaps I have you fooled”That type of structure sets the tone for the rest of the call to one that is playful and witty. It is much better to leave her wanting more than exhausting the conversation before you even meet. plus, we don’t want to ruin the pre-date magic do we now….” (This gets a giggle every time, I promise! So see Part 2 of how to have a successful Tinder date, where I share every single trick that you can use on Date night!She’s already confirmed she wants to go on a date with you. Remembering these facts will keep you confident.– Stand up and smile during the whole call.This is a little trick that has been proven successful and is used by phone marketers – it will automatically put you in a more confident and personable state which will project through the phone.– You should have the first couple of opening sentences ready in your mind in regards to what you’re going to say to her after she picks up. (Nothing fancy, but remember to speak to her as if you’re buddies and it’s just a normal call)Her: “Hey, great thanks how are you? ”You: “I’m not sure, just a little different but that’s ok… and more importantly, your Tinder target will be even more intrigued with you and what you have to bring to the first date.

I’ll get into specifics in just a minute, with some valuable first date tips for women like you, but first, let me just say that the best thing you can do on a first date is just to be your absolute best self. Trying to be someone else will only cause trouble down the road. Questions are a good thing on first dates: researchers at Harvard University found, in a study, that women who asked on average 15 questions on a first date were more likely to get a second date.This is what Tinder is all about – being able to create that lustful, excited feeling that everyone craves….

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