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03-Mar-2020 02:29

Mac users coming from i Photo may wish to move an i Photo Library to the new Photos app.While importing is an option when first setting up the Photos app in OS X, many users many have skipped the initial setup screens and missed that opportunity to import pictures and images into Photos from apps like Aperture and i Photo.Even though Apple has discontinued improvement of the app, it still runs just fine on Mac OS X El Capitan.

Derrick, Re your statement “I do recommend keeping copies of both Aperture 3.4 and Mac OS X El Capitan on a backup drive.

So when everything went boom, I felt obligated to find a suitable alternative for serious photographers. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need me to sell you on Capture One Pro 9. There’s an excellent import tool in Capture One Pro 9 that makes it easy to bring master files, metadata, and even some image edits over from Aperture. Once you’ve refined the transition procedure, then all that’s left is to decide how much of your Aperture or Lightroom catalog to bring over. My decision was to bring over specific projects that were still in progress, my 4 star images, and some shots that had personal meaning.

But I do want to say that I’m thankful for a legitimate alternative to Lightroom. Everything else is staying in Aperture, at least for now.

After all, I’ve led so many to Aperture in years past. Nearly every email I receive from a photographer in distress during migration is because he was attempting to bring over his entire library or catalog in one pass, and something went wrong. You can work quickly from one iteration to another because the import of a small library takes virtually no time.

I was the founder of the Inside Aperture website for O’Reilly Media. And I even had an entire section of my website,, dedicated to the application. Once I made the decision to start 2016 with Capture One Pro 9, there was the sticky business of figuring out how much of my Aperture library I’m willing to migrate to Capture One. And you can modify your test library based on the findings from the previous attempts.I was one of those Aperture users who was set adrift by Apple.