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05-Jan-2020 00:10

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Pictures all-too-easily fail to capture the depth of our humanity.And bios — which are becoming increasingly hidden in dating app interfaces — can only go so far in making us seem like less of a commodity.

We have histories, families, internal battles, hopes for the future.There’s no bigger let down than thinking that you’re going out with one person and then meeting them and realizing that they’re nothing like the person they initially described online.So skip any stretching of the truth – you want someone to like you for who you are, right? All too often people will include photos of themselves with sunglasses and hats on, be far off in the distance, or post something that was taken several years ago. after all you just fill out a profile online and wait for matches to roll in, right? For every good, solid person you meet online there are a thousand creepy people that you meet first, and weeding through prospective dates can make for more than a few humorous stories and bad date experiences. To create a really successful dating profile, make sure that you’re doing these things: Don’t try to fit into a mold of what you think people want, just be yourself.

And until you put lifts in your shoes, don’t claim to be 6ft when you’re barely 5’8”.Having enough confidence to state what you believe in and what you want is a good thing.