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11-Oct-2020 21:25

(Note: Band/orchestral instrumentalists and singers are awarded for orchestra/choir, respectively, but should also meet the Americana director in advance to discuss participation.) Organ - Concordia is a national leader in church music.

Music awards are available to students from any major.

In fact, students accepting Music scholarships enjoy some of the largest financial aid packages that we offer – ranging from 40% to over 100% off of tuition!

We strongly encourage those who are interested in pursuing Music at Concordia to: 1) achieve academically, 2) audition confidently, and 3) complete the FAFSA to be eligible for need-based aid. The budget for music/theatre scholarships is limited.

(Note: Vocalists are awarded for choir scholarships, but an advanced meeting with the Director of Commercial and Worship Bands is requested to discuss participation).

A separate placement audition for worship/commercial ensembles is held during the first week of classes.

Reduced tuition grants to study privately are available.