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automatic transmission is used as a metaphor for gender differences throughout the comic.1/19: What do you think of Harry's accent? It can be kind of annoying.1/20: Not that it matters much, but I never noticed that Kate is acquainted with Harry before the story begins.It seems they might have a history, even at this point, which is a little surprising considering how much Kate hates men.1/26: "Angelica" is a significant name in this angel-laden webcomic.1/31: Ash's sudden lack of upper body strength is a nice touch.2/2: What's Vashiel reading?That arc slowed down an already slow series, spending three books on maybe a month's worth of time.The race was heavily hyped leading up to it only to be interrupted by Adam at the most crucial moment so we don't even get to say definitively that Ash would have certainly won.But anyway, as a whole, Misfile stands as a webcomic with some really great moments, especially early on, as well as enormous chunks that can be safely skipped without any consequence. As a reminder, if you want to follow up on any references, you might use the dialogue search page.12/6: I like that impressions of Vashiel go from sinister, to "molesting priest", to pollyanna in the space of about one page. Also, Edward drops a low-key reference to the misfile by worrying about his daughter's safety.12/8: Chris isn't bold enough to draw faces like the one in the lower-left anymore.12/13: Not only is Edward unethical as a doctor, he has no sense of basic precautions regarding strangers. The inconsistency would bother me if it weren't so funny.12/20: I'd imagine that just one week after the misfile, reading pornography would only be frustrating for Ash.I'm happiest that it's ended, as so many webcomics just go belly-up at some point. It also dates the comic-- who the heck gets their pornography in magazine form these days?In other words, I entered "65880/50" for the strip length and Blender happily accepted it and even rounded it off. He appears to drop a lot of very subtle references throughout his webcomic, although it's also clear that he wanted to take gender-bending in a completely different direction.

Early pages played more with the second law of gender-bending, suggesting that Ash might grow accustomed to her feminine side.In my case, I wanted to speed up a portion of my video by a factor of 50. There were a lot of good things about Mudd at that time and a lot of things I just didn't click with. Also, what's with the Upton family's recycling clutter? I took this scene to be a reference to my favorite gender-bending story, Ranma 1/2, in which a similar scene (NSFW) happens near the beginning.