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It was believed for two centuries that it was an absolute constant, but scientists have recently discovered that it fluctuates based upon several different factors.Despite these fluctuations, they believe that it’s steady enough to still make the process work.One particularly interesting theory shows that the majority of the world has a single large land mass.When a huge shelf of water 10 miles beneath the earth was released, the very shape of the earth was changed.Plates moved across the planet, forming the continents and oceans as we see them today.It creates amazing scientific explanations for things such as the Grand Canyon, portions of the fossil record, and the tectonic plates.The days were measured at 360 per year prior to the flood and eventually the calendars were shifted to the current 365 day model.Did this happen because the earth had started spinning more rapidly, causing more days to occur during a single revolution around the sun?

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This assumption allows for C in the environment is mostly constant.

It is rapidly oxidized in air to form carbon dioxide and enters the global carbon cycle.

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