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Without an identity, people “vanish” into other people or expect them not to have any differences.Children often feel boundaries are “mean” when they are immature.Healthy boundaries define expectations and show respect for others.Biblically speaking, boundaries are related to self-control.

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God gives us freedom to choose to live within His boundaries or outside of them, and to live outside of God’s boundaries means to accept the consequences.Personal boundaries help to limit our selfish inclination to control or manipulate others.Likewise, boundaries protect us from those who have no self-control and who wish to control us.Naturally, when children do not get what they want, they are disappointed, but learning to accept “no” from others is essential to godly character; however, setting boundaries with children must be done in loving ways in order for the child to feel loved (Ephesians 6:4; Colossians ; Titus 2:4).

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The Lord’s instruction for parents is that they teach a child boundaries (Proverbs ).

The Lord gave them freedom to remain within His bounds, but they chose to overstep the boundary and sin.

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It was told in the Rotokas language and translated into Tok Pisin by Maggie Guria. Na em i bin tingting long painim wanpela man bilong en. " Rokrok i bin sem na em i bin karamapim pes bilong en wantaim han bilongen. Suddenly Frog removed her hands and said quietly, 'Yes". She went to the garden and worked all day in the hot sun. Man bilong Rokrok i no save halivim em long wokim ol wok bilong haus. Long narapela de, taim Snek i bin wok long slip insait long haus, Rokrok i bin paiaim haus. " Another day, while Snake was sleeping in the house, Frog set fire to it. He rushed out of the house, but his legs stayed stuck to the burning posts. What grammatical class do these words come from (i.e. - Kenia i hatwok nogut tru (long) taim mi stap wantaim em. - Bikos/bilong wanem mi gat sik pekpek wara, mi no inap go long opis* tede. biknem 'fame' hevi 'problem; blame; responsibility' pasim 'close' pipia 'rubbish, trash; dirt' tumbuna 'ancestors; descendents' Dispela piksa wanpela ris rip bilong Madang Lagun . Yumi olgeta mas sawe olsem yumi igat gutpela solwara tru we igat planti kain kain pis na ol rip we inogat long ol arapela kantri insait long wol. Olgeta grups bai singsing long wanpela taim tasol long Sunde 19 dei long October long So grain. For those with a basic knowledge of Tok Pisin grammar, Elpie Bajao & Dicks Thomas, Tokpisin Grammar workbook for English Speakers (United States Peace Corps/PNG, 1991) provides drills on various sentence patterns.… continue reading »

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