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11-Sep-2020 18:34

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(I'm NOT accusing anyone on this board of those things; but I AM accusing many of the morality police out there who seem to make a living over condemning the behavior of people they don't even know.) But WHOSE concern is it, or should it be? And to the extent that this conversation gets others to think about the propriety of such relationships, then it is a good thing. There is very little "objective evidence that applies the world over." So, if that is your test, then there really is very little to say. You're telling me that natural selection no longer applies?

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If they truly are choices, game theory goes out the window and we'll all marry supermodels with flawless personalities. Another point to be made is that oftentimes those who are the most vocal and public with their "concerns" about the behavior of others are the ones who are diddling little kids, trying to get gay sex in restrooms, etc. Well, clearly I am not in a position to do anything about it Mr. But, were a 27 year old man or woman hanging outside my kids' high school looking for dates, I would most certainly try to do something about it. Everyone keeps saying it's wrong, but there's absolutely zero objective analysis that applies the world over in this case. You're an ignorant bint who understands about as much about social dynamics as I do bistromathics.

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