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Ge’ez is one of the most ancient languages in the world and is still used today by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Am I saying that those who date outside of their culture are not in tune with their own?

CCleaner Professional is the most powerful version of Piriform's celebrated PC cleaner.

It makes it easy to speed up a slow computer and keep your activity private — automatically and in the background.

) Our 13th annual AZFO state meeting will be in Flagstaff this year!

We will meet in Ashurst Hall on the Northern Arizona University campus.

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As one uncle put it to me [I’m Congolese], “If you married a Nigerian, how would you cope if he wanted to retire in Nigeria?

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AHSRA & AJHSRA Rodeo Season Opener – Payson Event Center.

This version is slightly older and does not have the latest features, but it has been tested for longer.

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But it’s important not to let this negative thinking get the best of you.… continue reading »

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In the sequel My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Sunset joins their band The Rainbooms as a guitarist and backup vocalist. In Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, Lyra and Sweetie Drops' human counterparts are equally close, collaborating during the CHS Musical Showcase and again reconciling after a confrontation in All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games.… continue reading »

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