Asp net onupdating

29-Oct-2019 20:02

Sometimes not enough time is allowed for the user to login, maybe a 2FA login is required or something which takes time to complete.Try increasing the Remote Authentication Timeout value to allow more time if this is causing the Correlation exceptions.If the Cookie policy is configured to strict or non essential, then the Correlation Cookie Builder would have to be coded, and set so that these cookies are same site = none and essential.Summary The Add Microsoft Account extension method can now be replaced with the Add Open Id Connect method, and Add Microsoft Account should no longer be used.

The xproj file has reference to the older RC1 tools, so you’ll need to edit it and change it manually. You have two options here, either you can change the code, or move it a separate file. Add Json File($"appsettings..json", optional: true); Note the new environment value of “Content Root Path” which is where the configuration file is without having to copy it to wwwroot.

This can happen when multiple instances are used for the deployment, and the data protection does not store the keys to a common store.

This is not required for Azure App Services deployment, but maybe you deploy with Service Fabric or docker, and a common cache, store should be coded for the data protection.

The Callback Path path is set to match the App configuration in the Azure AD app registration.

Troubleshooting Correlation Exceptions When the Application is deployed, sometimes you will start receiving Correlation Exceptions which are caused for a number of different reasons and can be difficult to figure out why it worked in dev, but not in the deployment.

This article shows how to implement an Azure Active Directory login for an ASP. The Microsoft identity platform (v2.0) is now Open ID Connect certified and the Microsoft Account logins can now be replaced with this.