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Initially, Amanda had problems making the paint spray from her mouth in a way that coated the stencil, but Kris mastered the technique quickly and showed her how to do it.He instructed his fiancée, "Like you're playing trumpet." After finishing their artwork, the last place engaged couple hopped into their vehicle trying to catch up to Ron & Christina.A stunned and relieved Mel & Mike took the fifth spot as Mike told his dad, "You're awesome." After a rough first leg, dating Goths Kent & Vyxsin jumped up in the standings to take the sixth and final spot on the first charter flight.FALLING BEHIND After finishing the first leg at the top, Express Pass holders Gary & Mallory and engaged couple Amanda & Kris circled around Sydney unable to figure out where to sign up for the charter flight.The three teams all opted to construct the ground mosaic of Spirit World and began to gather the rocks and materials just as the next three teams arrived at the desert.With Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, and Kent & Vyxsin also choosing Spirit World, six teams took handfuls of white chalk and black and red rocks from giant piles and began to fill in their mosaic trying to replicate the example mosaic where young Aboriginal children danced.AMANDA & KRIS CAN' T OVERCOME U-TURN The eleven teams raced to the Australian Outback where best friends Zev & Justin hopped into first place and engaged couple Amanda & Kris failed to overtake a bickering Ron & Christina to stay in the race.

The first six teams to sign up there would be on the first of two charter flights to Broken Hill, a small mining town 684 miles from Sydney.In Natural World, teams had to create a series of Aboriginal territory markers using a natural paint made from water and a claylike pigment.