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Get to know the person perhaps, see what you do have in common, not what indifference you have well that's my take on any group.Speaking of Dutch i had a boss once who was, geez he was the biggest SOB arrogant thing i have ever come across.If people give you crap, no matter what their direction, they deserve to be treated the way they treated you.Social rules and legal rights are far different, so it is best not to engage in a 'for or against' debate.

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So how does one best put aside the differences and get on with things? Everything he would say would have a sexual connotation.Premise: I am not trying to start a flame war So, long story short how does everyone deal with this issue.I don't have any prejudice what so ever, or if I do I hide it and judge everyone equally until given reason not to.Just remember take people as they really are: some are A holes, others not. Well, I do the same when I see certain comedians, and certain TV actors; but I would then haha it off.

I mean, yes, this guy maybe gay, but then what's next? So my question would be: yes, she / he maybe homo, then what's next on your mind?

If you're a dick then it doesn't matter if you're gay, straight or somewhere in the middle, I'll shun or otherwise disregard you.

Perhaps, guys, who have found your ideas and viewpoints helpful and interesting, might try to contact you. Get ideas Dating forum helps you to keep an open eye according any issues that people ask.… continue reading »

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Ice-T then walks up to the policeman, pretending to be a stranded motorist, asking for help, but the policeman refuses, saying: "Nah, that's not my job! ", then telling him that "my job is eatin' these doughnuts".… continue reading »

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