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Note that Xcode uses pt and not px units (1pt = 2px).To do that, select i Phone 6.1 Simulator and click on the Run button in the far top left.2)When user gives details (username and password) and clicks on login button the request goes to the Web Container with the URL (action attribute mentioned in form tag).Web Container checks “web.xml” file for the matching URL.

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If you are trying to create your own dating website or a personal site for networking, then you need to read about PG Dating Pro Open.Among other features you will find: social bookmarking tools, site language identification by IP, warning & under construction pages, dynamic user types, SMS payments & alerts, homepage editor, photo, audio & video galleries and albums, crop tool, ratings, walls & comments, perfect match finder, kisses, games, A/V chatting module with main Chat providers (Comet Chat, Flashcoms, 123Flashchat), IM, video dates, events, blogs, groups, forums, mass mailing, marketplace, Affiliate Program module, dating profiles packages.Administration panel gives access to site design and layout changes, site logo, banners and texts, payments and payment systems, additional modules, memberships and site access permissions, services costs, site news, Horoscope feeds.One-time payment, re-branding opportunities, free technical support, upgrades & installation.

Dating Pro script includes powerful monetization tools - memberships, accounts, paid services.

Let’s remove the button we created earlier and drag in an Image Object for the header.