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22-Apr-2020 17:31

She tried to tell me that she loved me and that I meant something to her. She said she “didn’t want to lose me.” I told her I don’t think this marriage was the right decision. I told her I knew how she really felt about me, and that it was fucked yo she basically played with my emotions.For all those wondering, we have no kids, and I pay fully for the apartment we live in, and I own almost everything we have other then her clothes. So after all of this she’ll have little to nothing left. I honestly don’t know what to do, but hearing her say has really made me upset.She screamed at me saying, “You’re the fucking worst relationship I’ve ever been in. ” “Do you think you’ll ever from someone as good as me? [My name] was my very last resort, and now look where it made me end up.” Hearing that honestly broke my heart in two. The difference between us, he's been looking for a girlfriend all through his 20s, while I wasn't too bothered/didn't care for guys much.

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Fast forward to the next day we are at the wedding reception and find our table.Today after breakfast I told her we should “sit down and talk.” She was hesitant, but I said it was important.