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In that case, you will receive an answer within 24 hours - though often sooner.Most people don't like to wait to get help to solve a problem or to get an answer to a question.Make a confidential call to 1-800-THE-LAW2 now to get free legal information from an experienced personal injury lawyer or workers’ compensation lawyer.You have a limited amount of time to take legal action, so call now.With web hosting, websites and email, this would most commonly be at our customers' personal computer.If you consider that answers more than 90 000 customer enquiries every month, it is not difficult to understand why it is impossible to provide support on location and why this would, without a doubt, become very expensive if we tried.The level at which support can be provided is inherently linked to the price you pay as a client and the product you receive.

Naturally, the majority wants to receive support right there where the problem is actually being experienced.This data is also used to help improve our program.If you’ve been injured as a driver or passenger in an auto accident or have been hurt at work, you deserve justice.But most people who try our Live Chat discover that it is very efficient and personal at the same time.

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All enquiries are answered by our dedicated and skilled supporters who are ready to help you whenever you need it.One of the advantages of chat support compared to phone support is that it is easy for our supporters to check settings, scripts and other files on your website.